1Quest Apk by Ratz ‘N’ Godz

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1Quest Apk

1Quest Apk by Ratz ‘N’ Godz

1Quest may be a roguelike, wherever you management a young adventurer World Health Organization pursues an evil blood cult, once they abducts many kids, together with the patrician of the kingdom! You got seven days before he will begin his evil ritual to summon an ancient demon from the sacrificing of the youngsters. every region of the realm contains some dangerous place wherever you will be able to notice varied facilitate and you will be able to opt for your own path to decide on your rewards. However don’t loose time, if you wish to save lots of all the youngsters. Fight monsters, grab loot, become additional powerful and save the youngsters to forestall the blood cult to summon the demon. You can additionally strive the free version. With key features like flip primarily based RPG, Roguelike fun repeatitive dying, five different races to pick, eighteen differents categories with over a hundred and fifty category talents and spells for characters, over a hundred monsters to battle, twenty differents dungeons with specific rewards, magic system supported spell faculties and magic affinity for additional diversity and replayability. Have you ever find the greatest roguelike games on android? I think you probably found the one in here! The deeply beautiful world to explore, the great look movements in gameplay, everything you expect is packed in one place. Depth customizable characters are nice. Unlike the others that is feel more static. With average four point three stars sure you can already say it’s worth a try. My favorite class is warrior because i can turn that class into knight. I also like warrior because of the legendary light saber.

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