Almightree The Last Dreamer 1.3 by Crescent Moon Games

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Almightree The Last Dreamer 1.3 by Crescent Moon Games

Almightree The Last Dreamer is platformer with 3D representation. Version 1.3 takes you into the universe of the hero by Crescent Moon Games. Once in a splendid and wonderful day everything began to disintegrate, the earth went from under my feet, and with it, houses, towers and the entire world. All that you adored was gone, and the main plan to recoup all fell on the shoulders of a young man who needs to move to the legendary tree and wake him up to bring request to the world. Make a trip to the obscure world and searching for hints that will help you stir seedlings and reestablish harmony on the planet. It was simply a brilliant day when the ground began to fall, houses and towers disintegrated, and the world gone out of its request. You lose all that you have, everybody you cherish. Your just trust is the Almightree and its seedlings, legendary trees that accepted have the ability to keep the request of the world. Anyhow be watchful on your enterprise, as you may discover pieces of information that perhaps there are still others. Trip through a serious and astounding world to stir seedlings lastly glorious Almightree. To restore the offset of the world or even perhaps bring back all that you hold dear. Thrilling 3D riddle platformer experience. Discover the dazzling universe of the Almightree. Conquer 100+ riddles over 20 immense stages. Over 6 extraordinary riddle gimmicks to succeed. 40+ difficulties to be finished. Unlock 10+ obscure representations about the legend. Compelling cutscenes to portray the tale of Almightree. Adjustable trouble for individual gaming knowledge. Compete score and procure accomplishments in amusement administrations. Cloud spare backing through amusement administrations. 1.3 is just early version so there is no specific new features made by Crescent Moon Games.

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Almightree The Last Dreamer throught monster
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Almightree The Last Dreamer against blocks

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How to play Almightree The Last Dreamer by Crescent Moon Games:
1. Install Apk
2. Move “com.crescentmoongames.almightree” to /sdcard/Android/obb/
3. Play the apk
Requires Android 2.3