Anime Studio Story 1.0.6 Apk by Kairosoft

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Anime Studio Story Apk

Anime Studio Story v1.0.6 apk by Kairosoft is simulation for android where you have anime show. In studio your task will be out of the anime people who come to you on the studio, do celebrities and stars of the popular talk show. Choosing the appropriate anime, put your costume and make it a mega popular and well known, so you can improve the rank of your current events. You are the only playable person in the anime game, which can improve the performance of all of your anime and bring top popularity, so get down to business and outlines new stars. With each new level to increase ownership of your studio and improve their work in story line. In 1.0.6 the dark screen and force close has been fixed by fully restarting your phone and tablet or relaunch apk. The graphic interface is somekind of 8bit remind me of mine craft but the game play is nothing similar to that apk. It come no surprise this blocky retro themed only require android donut v1.6. It’s recommended to free download because the full apk was peaked at top new paid android with average four point seven stars. It means Kairosoft Co.Ltd made a good job. They has developed a lot of games for almost twenty years with similar genre. Now the developer is porting their successful old games for android. I consider most of their games as classic. You can only play in vertical screen mode so it runs really comfortable on phones.

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How to play:
1. Install Apk
2. Play the game offline
Requires Android 1.6