The Gods Omega Mod v1.5.0

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The Gods Omega is exclusive apk made by Chilijoy. Mod is available for you to enjoy moving avatars that have various skill. Play it from left to right mode. The Gods Omega maybe the most challenging cards games you can ever play but with these Mod you don’t have to worry about that. It has variety characters of God and Heroes from around the world to pick and battle. Use your special skill to defeat enemies and spell them like a magic to win a war. Every single avatar have unique ability that diverse from the others. Collect fragments and gears to make up your troops and make them stronger than ever but it’s hard to find any good loot. Play together with the other player and gather your own very special team to power up and fight in arena. Even it’s only a card game it is as good as any other rpg. Or you can also call it a full rpg game. In version 1.5.0 Chilijoy also give us new heroes and shiny equipments. In pvp they are also increasing player count to five versus five. Sadly the game only has three point eight stars of points in reviews. I think because of people misunderstood of card games to rpg or moba games and vice versa. It’s not a problem consider of The God Omega is their very first game. This is also our very first Mod of the game.

The Gods Omega Mod
The Gods Omega Mod
The Gods Omega Mod
The Gods Omega Mod

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How to play The Gods Omega Mod v1.5.0:
1. Install Apk
2. Copy paste “” to /sdcard/Android/data/
3. Play the game
Requires Android 2.3