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Free download Swap Heroes 2 is turn based technique diversion in version 1.3 this Apk made by Chris Savory for Android in which you need to structure a gathering of saints and send them the ability to battle the adversary. Pick your character and make a gathering of them comprising of 8 characters, each of them has its own particular exceptional capacities that can be utilized as a part of battle. Goes through 10 new areas and battle with more than 30 separate sorts of foes. Perform a mixture of journeys and find heaps of new legends and redesigns for them. Rival different players for high scores in an interminable diversion mode and turn into a pioneer in the table. Structure a gathering of valiant saints and aide them in fight through a wide mixed bag of missions and areas as you wander to a last standoff with the dreaded Shadow Knight! Form a gathering from 8 one of a kind saints. Guide your gathering through 10 new areas. Battle against more than 30 sorts of testing foes. Earn star focuses with triumphs that can be utilized to prepare effective overhauls. Unlock an assortment of levels, modes, and saints as you finish missions. Compete for high scores in the all new perpetual mode! Leaderboard and accomplishments included. In version 1.3 Chris Savory fix alot of crash issues while playing in the middle gameplay. Currently there is no new features yet but the itself interactive enough and not really need additional element to makes you hooked up into the game. With average three point nine stars i guess Chris Savory needs to solve alot of problems and keep reading feedbacks from their users to make the game more attractive.

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Requires Android 2.3