Watch Movies with Popcorn Time APP APK

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Official Popcorn Time APK

Popcorn Film is an amazing app where you can watch all kinds of films online. Open source based, many developers worked a lot to make an torrent-based apk with films. Popcorn time app works like torrent, so when you are watching movies, you are seeding them to other users as well. Popcorn online has a lot of cool features, like subtitles and dubbed versions of films. Also, popcorn popcorn allows you to watch films offline, so you can watch without internet connection!
Since movie time popcorn is based on torrents, you cannot download it from the Google Play store. But you can download it here!

Before you download popcorn box app, you have to allow your device to download files from unknown source ( you can find it in settings => security)

Once you downloaded it, you simply install popcorn time android as any other app. Just follow the instructions given, you will easily install it.

Once the installation is done, click open and welcome to the world of popcorn time app! Enjoy the world of free movies, and make sure you update tv popcorn on time so you experience bug-free app!

How to install:
1. Download Apk (allow downloads from unknown sources)
2. Install it
3. Open APK
4. Enjoy movies non-stop
Requires Android 2.3